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What sizes come in a set? What size should I use on my device? Is Vapor Nutz safe? How does Vapor Nutz protect my device? Each set includes (4) different inner diameters to fit most devices. S-3/8” (9mm)    M-1/2” (13mm)    L-5/8” (16mm)    XL-3/4” (19mm Nutz should fit snuggly so select the size that attaches but doesn’t  shift on the device or tank.  The neoprene material stretches up to  1/8” or 4 mm to work on most popular items. Yes!  Our sponge rubber material has the best combustibility rating  possible and is considered self-extinguishing.  It is safe for all vapor & ecig devices. Our high-density sponge rubber material helps to absorb impact  and protect valuable devices from accidental tips and drops. MORE QUESTIONS? Info@Vapornutz.com What types of devices does Vapor Nutz Fit? Vapor Nutz set  fits all  round devices and tanks with diameters ranging from (3/8” - 10mm) to (7/8” - 22 mm).  Not intended for use on disposable e-cigarettes.